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Thank you for joining us on our blog, we are really looking forward to getting to know you.  J & T.

We are both experienced travellers, having lived in as well as travelled to many countries in the world. We met each other twelve years ago and got married on a beautiful beach in Tobago.  Wedding Picture
Originally from England we currently live in Spain where we have lived for the last three years. We have set up this blog to show you all the beautiful places you can travel and to give you inspiration, ideas and local knowledge. We also offer some amazing holidays on our Plan your holiday page. So please don’t forget to have a look.

T’s first trip

T’s first trip abroad was to Trinidad and Tobago when he was 17, maybe a late starter at the beginning of his travels but he sure made up for it. After Trinidad, he travelled to Barbados.

In Barbados T helped at a relative’s hotel living in the Caribbean for several months at a time gaining an appreciation of the local way of life and island hopping between different Caribbean islands including St Lucia, St Kitts, Martinique, and St Vincent and then venturing further to Venezuela, Guyana, and Brazil.

As a businessman in his early 20’s T also started visiting the USA to buy hair products that were not available in the UK for his first wife’s London hairdressing salon. He embarked on a road trip across Florida and once again became embroiled in a different way of life.

After splitting from his first wife T bought an Aeroflot around the world ticket and travelled the world for more than a year visiting India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia Thailand, and many other countries. He particularly enjoyed visiting the islands in Southeast Asia and Indonesia and places off the beaten tourist track.

T then decided to live in Koh Samui and always remembers as it went dark the sensation of seeing the full moon rise out of the darkness and the sight of the sea glistening on the sand which seemed magical.

T encountered many adventures during this time including being arrested in Russia whilst it was still part of the Soviet bloc. Luckily, they let him out again without charge!!!

J’s Travel Experiences

J started her travelling early on with a visit to Switzerland when she was four. Her parents had a thirst for travel and so she travelled to many countries as a child including driving across France on numerous occasions to Nice and St Tropez.

Another major influence on J’s life was her grandpa who lived in Pennsylvania so when J was six, she spent the whole summer living with her grandparents and was introduced to American life.
As a student J got the opportunity to teach horse riding in New Hampshire in the USA. This was a dream come true and J was very tempted to live there permanently. This allowed J to travel around various part of the USA including the whole of Florida.
J went on to build a professional career in law and was also pursuing her love of horse riding. Driving around the UK attending horse shows.

During this time J travelled to parts of Africa and the Caribbean on holiday and went to Florida many times because she loved going to Disney and MGM Studios. 

To enhance her knowledge of dressage J moved to Europe living on the Dutch border with Belgium and lived and travelled in Europe for over five years.

After returning to London J & T met and got married in Tobago which was the dream wedding that they had always wanted and an experience they will never forget.

For J & T travelling is a delightful educational experience providing the opportunity to meet new people of every race and religion and enabling them to gain a world view instead of the limited beliefs found in just one country.

We Both Have Professional Careers But As We Got Older, We Realised That Life Was Too Short And With Our Passion For Travel We Decided To Start A Travel Blog And Travel Company So We Could Share Our Passion For Travel With You.” J & T

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