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A bucket list holiday is a once in a lifetime experience that you may have been dreaming of for many years. For everyone it may be a different experience but there are several destinations that make most peoples lists.

The Orient Express

Reputably the most glamourous and luxury trains in the world, the Orient Express takes you back to a by gone era. Travelling across Europe and sleeping overnight, these art deco trains provide an exquisite way to travel, and you may even meet Agatha Christies famous character Hercules Poirot.

safari travel


To see elephants, lions and giraffes is a dream come true for most people and there are safaris available in several African countries where you can safely see the animals in their own environment. You can book fully escorted excursions or have a tailor made itinerary the choice is yours.

Sea plane ride

Sea planes are often used to get to small islands and one of the most famous places for sea planes is The Maldives where many tourists are flown to their island hotel in style on a sea plane.


Hot air balloon rides are available in most countries in the world and give the unique opportunity to explore from a bird’s eye view. One of the most special ballooning trips that I can think of is a balloon safari in Africa.

Dessert Dune Riding

There are plenty of places to go dune riding but the most popular are in the USA and the UAE. A great ride for the more adventurous.

The Great Barrier Reef

One of the seven wonders of the natural world this coral reef is one of the world’s most sought-after tourist destinations because it is home to over 100 islands, some of the most beautiful beaches and an aquatic heaven.

Expedition to Antarctic

If you want to see penguins, whales and seals in their natural habitat an expedition on one of the Antarctic cruises is the best way and for the most adventurous you can embark upon an Antarctica endurance ultramarathon.

American Road Trip

Watched too many late-night American movies, why not experience it in real life by taking a road trip around Florida or California. There are many routes available such as through The Yellowstone National park and if you want to do it in style why not hire a Winnebago camper van so you can sleep on the road.
Jazz Cruise
Did you know that you can go to a jazz festival on a cruise ship? Just imagine you can spend seven days listening to all your favourite songs and meet the singers and musicians.
Trip around the religious sites of Israel
For those who are religious or just enjoy delving into history, Israel is an amazing place, steeped in history and gives you the opportunity to visit four monotheistic religions namely Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Bahai’s faith.


If you have ever wondered what it would be like to sleep in an Igloo made of ice why not combine it with a trip to see The Northern Lights and if ice feels too cold what about a stay in a glass igloo instead? In Finland you can combine your stay in a glass igloo with a stay in an Ice Hotel and even a visit to Father Christmas.
We hope this has given you some ideas and please do write to us with your own ideas and suggestions. Remember we can also help you with any bucket list holiday enquiries just contact us here.

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