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Buddha said, “It is better to travel well than to arrive” and what better way to travel than by train.

Travelling by rail can be a very relaxing way of exploring the world with each traveller able to fully participate in the journey unlike when one traveller is driving and must concentrate on the road.

Most countries have a railway system including subways in many cities. When deciding to travel by train one of the most important considerations is whether you are just taking the train for the purpose of fast travel or whether you are looking to explore a tourist route in a leisurely comfortable way.

Many trains have been specifically designed to provide large picture windows and for travellers to travel very comfortably like the panoramic trains in Switzerland and The Adirondack Amtrak Route in New York State which is one of the Top 10 Most Scenic Train Rides in the World.

In some countries it is only possible to explore by train because the roads are too steep to drive up. A perfect example of this is the funicular trains in Lisbon Portugal.

and the journey across the Rocky Mountains in Canada is a spectacular two-day ride.

For those who decide to travel by train to explore the world, it is possible to enjoy the journey itself not just the destination. Train travel can be an opportunity to make time for yourself and only use your mobile phone to take photographs and not make phone calls. 
In fact, there is now even a phrase called “Slow travel” which describes a way of stress-free travel.

“Slow down” by boarding a slow-moving, on-ground, luxury train which allows you to sit in a comfortable, window-side seat with a cold beverage or even a six-course meal with champagne where you can toast the scenery as it unfolds beside you. In a world where we are dictated by the ticking clock and the constant ringing of the mobile phone it is no wonder that slow travel, is surging in popularity.

Travel by rail also offers the traveller a unique opportunity to experience the natural and breath-taking geographical beauty of many bucket list destinations in one unforgettable trip. In Europe you can easily travel by train from Switzerland to France, Italy, Germany, Austria and beyond and many countries offer special train passes to make the journey even easier.

Some of the bucket list destinations include:

  • The Glacier Express, Switzerland which runs from Zermatt to St Moritz. This is the most luxurious way to see the Swiss Alps, with the option of a seven-course meal whilst enjoying the most stunning views on their specially designed panoramic trains.
  • The legendary Orient Express has now been reimagined by Belmond to emulate the Golden Age of travel and travellers can explore various parts of Europe including Brussels to Venice, Rome to Paris, London to Prague.  These overnight trains offer the ultimate sumptuous luxury and are sure to be on most people’s bucket list.
  • The Pacific Surf liner, which runs on the coast of California between San Luis Obispo and San Diego offers a breathtakingly beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean, sometimes only 100 feet from the water. Stop along the way or ride it all the way through for jaw-dropping views and an overall experience you’ll always remember.

Above we have listed a few of the most memorable train journeys available but there are many more. Just complete the questionnaire and we can advise you how to book the journey of your dreams at a price to suit your budget. 

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