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Travelling by plane is probably the easiest way of covering long distances even though you will not see much of the countries you are flying over.

Thanks to the cheap airlines, plane travel is comparatively cheap for the number of miles you cover, and you must decide whether you want “cheap and cheerful” or to be sipping champagne as you fly through the clouds.

Nowadays there are several options with standby tickets being the cheapest, but you have little choice on where you sit and private planes being the most luxurious. Thank fully there is plenty of choice in between.

For long haul travel most flights offer economy, premium economy, business and first class, even companies like TUI offer upgraded flight options. Many travellers think that they should just book economy tickets and try to get to the destination as quickly as possible but depending on the travel agent you use and the time of year you book, it is perfectly possible to get a great deal with an upgraded seat such as premium economy, you just need to know who to use.

For most travellers booking their holidays it is much better value to book a package holiday rather than booking the flight and hotel separately. You can almost guarantee that the combined price will be cheaper than the separate price for each.

If you are booking travel as a group, it is essential to book in good time at least six months before the intended date of travel because then you can enjoy some good discounts and it is more likely that the whole group can get tickets on the same plane.

Solo travellers are often charged extra, especially for hotel rooms so it is a good idea to book early to take advantage of early discounts and look at specialist holidays designed just for individual travellers.

Another consideration is that if you are flying long haul and then want to fly short haul to some other destinations if the flights are booked together the airline will often provide a discount. E.g. if you want to fly from Madrid to London and then fly onto Dubai. It will be cheaper if you book the two flights together than if you make separate bookings.

Years ago last minute flights used to be considered bargain flights but nowadays it tends to cost more the closer you book the flight or holiday to the date you travel so if you can you should always try to book a few months in advance or even a year in advance to get the best offers.

Also, when booking a package holiday you can include airport parking, car hire, or transport from the airport to the hotel and back, together with tour and exhibition tickets. Buying a package holiday is not only cheaper but can also give you the opportunity to pay for the holiday in instalments depending on when you make the booking and the date of travel.

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