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United Kingdom. UK

Famous for its historical landmarks. Described by the poet William Blake as

“This green and pleasant land”

The United Kingdom comprises of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Located in the Northern Hemisphere.

Greenwich mean time which is one hour behind Europe and five hours behind New York.

The weather varies considerably depending on whereabouts you travel in the United Kingdom. The rule of thumb is that the North of the country is always cooler than the South. It is often described as “maritime, moist and temperate with a moderate temperature range”.

The official language in the UK is English with various dialects depending on the location.

Yes, and in many hotels and restaurants they have staff who can speak, French and Spanish.

This depends on your country of departure so you must always check before you fly.

Officially a Christian country known for its tolerance towards all other religions.

The UK is famous for its National Health Service and will never turn away a sick or injured person, but it is always wise to take out a travel medical insurance policy because then you can consult a doctor or hospital on a private basis.

The UK is a safe country for travel and if there are any extreme weather warnings they are publicised in the media.

Currency – Sterling also known as GBP.

In the UK you can change money in banks, post offices and Exchange Bureau’s.

Yes, most shops in the UK accept debit and credit cards in fact many shops and cafes will not accept cash payments anymore. So having a debit or credit card is essential.

Nearly all shops in the United Kingdom are open seven days a week. The only day that most shops are closed is Christmas day.

The restaurants and cafes reflect the diversity of the population in the UK. Once famous for its fish and chips wrapped in paper the UK now offers every type of cuisine, however it also remains famous for its pubs where you can get reasonably priced food in a friendly atmosphere.

The UK Offers Such A Variety Of Things To Do Which Include Visits To Historic Buildings Including Buckingham Palace, The Palace Of Westminster, The Tower Of London, Stone Henge, The Roman Baths, The Beatles Museum, The Roman Ruins In Chester, The Edinburgh Festival, The Natural History Museum, The Tate Gallery And So Much More.

The UK offers beautiful coastlines especially in Torquay and Cornwall, the opportunity to see the lakes in the Lake District, visit the Scottish Lochs and Medieval castles. Snowdonia in Wales always enthrals visitors and not to forget The Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland. For the young and young at heart Camden in London is a MUST-SEE place.

The English are a polite multicultural race, they always stand in a queue and are respectful and tolerant of other people, regardless of sexual orientation or religion.
Most people support the Royal family, so it is never a good idea to criticise any of its members.

As a Christian country the UK celebrates all the Christian landmark days such as Easter and Christmas and there is a total of 8 bank holidays a year. In addition, each religion has their own celebratory days and there are numerous of music festivals and celebrations including the famous Notting Hill Carnival which takes place in August every year.

Car hire is easily available as are most modes of transport including Train, boat, bus, and Tram.
We always advise travellers to book their car hire before arrival because it is normally easier to get a better deal and all the details are sorted out in advance.

The best way to get around London is by Tube or the Thames River boat. If you buy a daily excursion ticket travel is cheaper and it allows you to travel on the tube, bus, and river boat all for one price. It is easy to book these tickets in advance.


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The Thames River boat is not just a mode of transport it is a great and cheap way to see many of the sites of London

Stonehenge is older than the Pyramids

If you are visiting London you should buy “The London Pass” which gives you access to more than 85 different attractions including London Zoo, Windsor Castle, the museums and much more.

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