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All holidays are special; however, many people choose to go on holiday to celebrate special events. We got married on 1st June and J’s birthday is on 26 May, so we have a tradition of always going away to celebrate both J’s birthday and our wedding anniversary together. This gives us the opportunity to see different destinations and always make our anniversary a memorable experience.

There is always a suitable holiday that you can book so that you can create a memorable experience irrespective of age. It does not need to be a full-blown holiday, a long weekend away can also make for a wonderful experience.

Below we suggest some ideas.

For a long weekend why not take a three-day cruise around the Aegean Sea?

If you have never been on a cruise before why not surprise your loved one with a three-day cruise in the Aegean Sea between Greece and Turkey setting sale from Athens and visiting six different places along the way including the site of one of the ancient wonders of the ancient world in Ephesus This is a wonderful way to see several Greek Islands and a part of Turkey in just three days. With several all-inclusive options available you can also set your budget before you depart. You can always turn this into a seven day trip by staying for part of the week in Greece before or after boarding the cruise.

The Chocolate Train in Switzerland.

For younger ones have you heard about the chocolate train in Switzerland which leaves Montreux and goes to the Cailler -Nestle factory at Broc. Not only will the kids love the chocolate, but they will also enjoy the train ride as Swiss trains are designed for all the family with dedicated play areas and plenty of space for buggies. If you travel as a family on a Swiss Pass Travel Pass, children can even go free.

Disney land, Disney World, and Disney Cruises.

Once again for the little ones and the not so little, a Disney experience in Paris, Florida, California or on one of the cruises is an unforgettable experience to mark a special birthday. There are nine Disney resorts altogether including in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo with the biggest Disney Resort in Florida and the closest one to the UK in Paris. When planning a Disney trip, it is always good to purchase the Disney passes in advance and plan the trip before you go so once you get there you can enjoy a relaxed stress-free experience.

For a teen over 16 how about a trip to one of the Hard Rock Hotels with live music events and an emphasis on enjoying yourself your teen will think you are the trendiest parent in town.

For the older ones who want to have a party, how about booking a large villa with its own swimming pool where you can invite your friends and family. You could book a house in the UK or go further afield to France, Spain or Portugal.

If your loved one has a special interest such as wine tasting, how about a tour of the vineyards or if he has a passion for Formula One Racing or Tennis how about booking tournament tickets?

For information about any of the holidays mentioned above or to discuss other locations contact us.

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