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Best Ohio River Boats Cruises Tour Guid 2023

Ohio River Boats Cruises

The beauty of the Ohio River can be enjoyed by travelers on Ohio River Boats Cruises. While relaxing in a sleek, well-appointed riverboat. Take in the amazing scenery as you cruise the Ohio River and take in the sights and sounds of nature. Passengers have the opportunity to tour the various charming small towns and villages. That line is the Ohio River thanks to the several boat departure points along the river. The ship’s amenities include a full bar, a cafe, and a deck with lounge chairs for guests to use. A skilled guide who will share facts and tales about the local american history and attractions is also included in the voyage. You may create life-long feels with Ohio River Boats Cruises.

Overview of Ohio River Boats Cruises

Explore the Ohio River’s beauty while taking a pleasant boat ride! A distinctive opportunity to appreciate the past is provided by Ohio River boat tours. Including lavish dinner cruises and laid-back, leisurely day trips, this famed mississippi river is intriguing. Among a range of boats, you can choose the one that best suits your demands. modern day bb riverboats to conventional sternwheelers. For those who enjoy american history, the outdoors, or simply unwinding, Ohio River boat rides are a delightful experience. Prepare to be surprised by the beautiful environment and delectable meals. while viewing the beautiful beauty of the Ohio River, thrilling entertainment, and more.

Types of Ohio River Boat Cruises

From sightseeing tours to romantic dinner cruises. Ohio River boat cruises provide visitors with a range of options for exploring the mississippi river. There is something for everyone. Whether you want to spend a leisurely day on the water or an exciting evening. Ohio River boat tours are a terrific opportunity to experience the river. Its wildlife in luxury, offering everything from themed events to sunset cruises. Historical cruises provide a window into the past for individuals. Who wants to learn more about the history of the region? Private charters and supper cruises are also offered for those seeking a more romantic experience. They are ideal for couples or special occasions. Ohio River boat tours are the ideal way to see the river in elegance. Whether you’re searching for a leisurely sightseeing cruise or an evening of supper and dancing.

Sightseeing cruises

For those who want to take in the Ohio River’s beauty. And to discover its history, sightseeing cruises are ideal. These cruises often feature informative narration. That points out significant locations and tells fascinating stories as it steamboat travel tributary. As you float down the river, sit back, unwind, and take it all in.

Dinner cruises

Dinner cruises down the Ohio River museum make for a special dining experience. Imagine floating along the river’s calm currents while enjoying a delicious supper. Enjoy fine dining while listening to live music and taking in the stunning scenery. Dinner cruises make enduring memories. Whether it’s for a special occasion or a trip with your significant other.

Overnight cruises

Consider an overnight cruise if you want to extend your Ohio River excursion. These multi-day excursions give you the chance to explore different ports of call. Wake up to fresh adventures every day while relaxing in comfy rooms. And taking advantage of the onboard entertainment.

Exploring the Ohio River

Historical significance

The Ohio River museum, which flows over a distance of 981 miles, was crucial to the american west ward growth. Early American queen voyages settlers used it as a major highway for transit, and it saw the passing of traders. Pioneers, and even Lewis and Clark on their famous journey. The banks of the river queen are dotted with historic locations. That chronicles the growth and development of the country.

Natural beauty

In addition to its historical importance, the Ohio River provides. Spectacular views of beautiful landscapes and a variety of habitats. You may see the breathtaking grandeur of the gently rolling hills. The deep forests, and the quaint riverside small towns as you float down its calm currents. Naturalists can observe bald eagles, herons, and other intriguing animals in the river. Because it is home to a variety of species.

Activities and amenities on Ohio River boat cruises

Ohio River boat trips offer a variety of onboard activities. And comforts in addition to the picturesque view. Exquisite dining options are offered on many cruises. Ranging from sumptuous multi-course meals to relaxed buffets. That highlights local cuisines and culinary pleasures. The voyage is delightfully sound tracked by live music performances. Which range from calming jazz to vivacious bands. Throughout the trip, recreational activities include games, dance classes. And interactive entertainment keeps travelers occupied.

Scenic beauty and attractions along the Ohio River

The beautiful scenery that emerges as the journey progresses is one of the major charms of Ohio River boat cruises. Views of lush forests, rolling hills. And charming river towns are provided to guests as the boat floats through the mild currents. The terrain is dotted with cultural diversity landmarks, each of which has a unique story to share. The Ohio River is a visual feast for nature lovers, american history buffs. And artists alike, from the familiar skyline of Paris to the stately beauty of Louisville’s shoreline. The various birds, fish, and other animals. Living in the river will also excite wildlife aficionados.

Benefits of Taking an Ohio River Boat Cruise

A wonderful way to see the natural beauty and cultural history of the area is to take an Ohio River boat tour. You will not only get to take in some of the most breathtaking views of the Ohio River. But you’ll also get to try a novel mode of transportation and sightseeing. People who take the Ohio River boat trip can take advantage of a largest number of advantages. An Ohio River boat trip is guaranteed to be a wonderful experience. From the convenience of being able to steamboat travel tributary up the river queen in the comfort of a boat to the chance to learn about the history and culture of the area. An Ohio River boat tour is certain to offer a distinctive and entertaining experience. Whether you’re seeking for a romantic retreat or a fun family outing.

Scenic views

Cruises on the Ohio River offer some of the best views in the surrounding area. Every moment on the terrace is a visual feast, from the sparkling water to the beautiful riverbanks. Take beautiful pictures, take in the fresh air. And allow the Ohio River’s natural beauty to renew your spirit.

Relaxing atmosphere

You feel at ease as the boat silently glides along the river. Thanks to the peaceful atmosphere produced. You can unwind and escape the tension of daily life. by the tranquil noises and easy rocking of the ocean. It’s a peaceful refuge where you may relax and get in touch with your inner self once more.

Onboard amenities

Modern Ohio River cruise ships come with a variety of facilities to make your trip more enjoyable. These floating resorts provide everything you need for a pleasant experience. An engaging visit, from roomy observation decks. And cozy lounges to chic eating areas and places to entertain. Use the onboard Wi-Fi to stay connected, pamper yourself to spa services. Or just take in the opulent surroundings.

Ohio River


Planning an Ohio River Boat Cruise

Cruises on the Ohio River are a fun way to discover the state’s natural splendor. An Ohio River boat cruise is the ideal way to take in the views. And sounds of the river, offering everything from sightseeing. And wildlife tours to sunset cruises and romantic dinner cruises. Our educated staff and first-rate service will make your visit one to remember. Whether you’re searching for a peaceful and tranquil escape or an exhilarating adventure. You may view the distinctive species, breathtaking landscape. An interesting history of the Ohio River from the comfort of our yachts. We offer the ideal american cruise lines for you, whether you’re searching for a day of rest or an evening of fun. Today, reserve your spot on the upcoming Ohio River boat tour and take in Ohio’s natural splendor.

Boarding an Ohio River Boat Cruise

Take a boat american cruise lines down the Ohio River to start your life-altering experience! As you travel along the glorious river, take in the stunning landscape. Also fascinating history, and plentiful natural beauty of the Ohio River. Enjoy the river’s stunning sights and sounds as well as the amazing fauna that calls it home. With friends and family, take a leisurely sail along the river, or with a skilled guide, explore the river and many serious tributaries. An Ohio River boat tour is the ideal opportunity to discover the beauty of the Ohio River. Its neighboring areas, despite whether you’re searching for a relaxing getaway or an exhilarating adventure.

Onboard Life During an Ohio River Boat Cruise

To start your study goal, set sail along the beautiful Ohio River. Observe the beauty that develops as the wonderful river flows between islands and valleys. Enjoy the warmth of the sun and take in the amazing views. Discover the thrill of spotting wildlife close to water. The welcoming staff will give you a friendly greeting and assist you with settling in for the cruise when you board the ship. Make every effort to gain as much knowledge as you can about the area’s past and how it affected its growth. As you sail away in peace, take advantage of the comforts on board. As you travel along the beautiful Ohio River, take in the sights and sounds of your surroundings. Allow yourself to be fascinated by the peacefulness of the river as you explore the ever-changing vantage points of the banks. So come along with us as we cruise down the Ohio River and take in its splendor.

Popular Ohio River Cruise Destinations

A relaxing experience in life is discovering the Ohio River. Enjoy the sights of some of the most well-known locations as you travel along the winding river. Visit crowded big cities, important sites, and local communities to discover other cultures. Whether you’re planning a research trip or a break for two. You can make lifelong memories on a cruise along the Ohio River. Having so many exciting choices. You’ll no doubt locate the ideal location for your upcoming journey. So hop on the boat and let it take you to some of the nicest locations along the beautiful Ohio River!


Cincinnati, sometimes known as the “Queen City.” Offers an exciting blend of entertainment, history, and culture. The Cincinnati Museum Center, the National register Underground Railroad Freedom Center. And the recognizable Roebling Suspension Bridge are just a few of the sights. You may enjoy it if you start your cruise from this thriving riverfront city.


Louisville, an attractive charming town renowned for its cordial southern hospitality. Is where the Kentucky Derby is placed. From st Louis ville, set sail on a cruise to explore the Ohio River. Likewise, savor the breathtaking waterfront views. Visit places like the Muhammad Ali Center and Churchill Downs. You should also visit the st Louis ville Slugger Museum & Factory while you are in Louisville.


Pittsburgh, sometimes known as the “Steel City,” is well-known for. Its illustrious industrial past and thriving cultural scene. You can witness the meeting of the Ohio, Allegheny. And Monongahela rivers by setting sail from Pittsburgh. For a genuine experience of Pittsburgh, tour the vibrant Strip District. The Andy civil Warhol Museum, and the stunning city skyline.

Watch for the next section of the article when we go into more detail about. How to plan your cruise along the Ohio River and what to anticipate.

Cost of an Ohio River Boat Cruise

The beauty of Ohio’s riverways can be enjoyed. While taking a leisurely boat ride on an Ohio River Boat Cruise. The price of a boat tour on the Ohio River varies depending. On a few important aspects, from cruising for sightseeing to dinner cruises. When determining the cost of a boat cruise. It’s vital to take into account the mississippi itinerary length, the facilities offered. The boat’s size, and the season. Generally speaking, prices fall between $20 to $150. However they might differ greatly based on the particulars of the journey. An Ohio River Boat Cruise is a wonderful way to discover the beauty of the rivers and take in a leisurely cruise. Whether you’re searching for a special night out or an educational experience. 

Safety on an Ohio River Boat Cruise

The best way to discover Ohio’s amazing beauty is to take a river boat tour on the Ohio River. A river boat tour offers a safe, engaging experience in addition to being a fantastic way to take in the breathtaking scenery. The United States Coast Guard and the Ohio State Department of Natural Resources collaborate to create strict safety protocols. That guarantees the greatest possible safety standards. Specific safety guidelines, such as properly educated staff, certified life-saving tools. And lifesaving procedures must be followed by all river boat tours. The Coast Guard also conducts routine checks on all boats to make sure they are in good working order. On your upcoming Ohio River boat cruise, you can unwind. And take in the scenery knowing that these safety measures are in place.

Weather Considerations on an Ohio River Boat Cruise

Boating on the Ohio River might be a lot of fun. However, you should consider the weather before leaving. The weather might significantly impact your journey, whether it’s spring showers or the heat of the summer. It is crucial to be prepared for the worst because the Ohio River is known for its abrupt weather swings. Wear sufficient sun and rain protection. When choosing what to wear, take local weather conditions into account. It’s also essential to research the wind and wave forecasts prior to leaving. Strong winds can make your trip uncomfortable—and even dangerous—so it’s important to be prepared by having the right machinery on board. 

Additional Resources for Ohio River Boat Cruises

Visitors can explore this significant waterway from its source in Pittsburgh. Located in Pennsylvania, to its mouth in Cairo, Illinois, on board an Ohio Rivers boat cruise. Which offers a singular and remarkable experience. Visitors can select from many options to meet their needs because many firms provide river boat trips. Everyone can find something they enjoy, from romantic dinner cruises to picturesque day tours. Our blog offers extra resources about Ohio River boat trips for people looking for more information. Here, you can get guidance from experts on choosing the ideal trip. As well as practical information for making the most of your cruise experience. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a novice cruiser.


Ohio River Boat Cruises

FAQs About Ohio River Boat Cruises

Ohio’s beautiful rivers and scenery can be seen on river boat cruises. The Ohio River Boat Cruises provide plenty for everyone. Whether you’re planning a family vacation, an office soiree, or a romantic retreat. Our FAQs give you all the details you require to organize the ideal cruise. Including anything from dinner cruises to sightseeing cruises. This FAQ provides the answers to all of your questions about the Ohio River Boat Cruise. Including the best times to go, what to expect aboard, and what to wear. So start making your plans right away and be ready to embark on a journey to remember!

What is the name of the riverboat in Cincinnati?

The riverboat in Cincinnati, Ohio is commonly known as the “Belle of Cincinnati.

Where does the Gordon River Cruise leave from?

The Gordon River Cruise typically leaves from Macquarie Wharf in Strahan, Tasmania, Australia.

Can you take a boat from Pittsburgh to Cincinnati?

Yes, it is possible to travel by boat from Pittsburgh to Cincinnati. The two cities are connected by the Ohio River, which is navigable for commercial and recreational boating. There are various options for boat travel, including private boats, river cruises, and ferry services, depending on availability and scheduling.

What is a river boat cruise?

A river boat cruise is a leisurely journey along a river or multiple rivers, typically aboard a specially designed boat or ship. It allows passengers to explore scenic landscapes, visit riverside towns and cities, and enjoy onboard amenities and activities. River cruises often focus on cultural experiences and provide a more intimate and relaxed travel experience.

How many ferries are on the Ohio River?

The number of ferries on the Ohio River can vary as it depends on factors such as location, demand, and operational changes. There are several ferry services operating on the Ohio River, including the Anderson Ferry, Augusta Ferry, and Hayswood Ferry. However, the exact number can fluctuate over time.

What is the ghost ship in the Ohio River?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there is no widely known or officially recognized “ghost ship” in the Ohio River. Ghost ships are typically associated with legends and folklore, often referring to mysterious or haunted vessels that appear without a crew or with eerie supernatural occurrences. While there may be local tales or urban legends about ghost ships on the Ohio River, there is no specific ghost ship widely recognized or documented in the region. It’s important to note that stories and folklore can vary, and local legends may exist within specific communities along the river.

What is the largest river cruise?

The MV Ganga Vilas, the world’s longest river cruise, offers a 51-day trip from Varanasi to Dibrugarh, including a route through Bangladesh. This cruise ship has a capacity to accommodate 36 passengers, providing them with an extensive and immersive journey along the river.

What is a river boat called?

A river boat is commonly referred to as a “riverboat.” This term is used to describe a type of boat or ship designed specifically for navigating rivers. Riverboats often have a flat or shallow draft hull to navigate shallow waters and are typically equipped with propulsion systems suitable for river travel, such as paddlewheels or propellers. Riverboats can vary in size and design, ranging from small recreational boats to larger vessels used for commercial transportation or river cruises.

What ships are named after Cincinnati?

There are no widely known ships that are specifically named after Cincinnati. However, it’s important to note that ship names can change over time and new ships can be introduced, so it’s always possible that a ship named after Cincinnati could exist beyond my knowledge cutoff date. It’s advisable to consult the latest information from maritime sources or local authorities to determine if any ships have been named after Cincinnati.

What is the big river in Cincinnati?

The big river that runs through Cincinnati is the Ohio River. The Ohio River is a major waterway in the United States, forming the border between the states of Ohio and Kentucky. It is a tributary of the Mississippi River and stretches approximately 981 miles (1,579 kilometres). The Ohio River plays a significant role in the history, economy, and transportation of Cincinnati, serving as a vital trade route and providing opportunities for recreational activities along its banks.

What two rivers are in Cincinnati?

The two rivers in Cincinnati are the Ohio River and the Licking River. The Ohio River flows along the southern edge of Cincinnati, separating Ohio from Kentucky. The Licking River, a smaller river, joins the Ohio River just east of downtown Cincinnati. These two rivers have played an important role in the city’s history and continue to be significant features of its geography and transportation infrastructure.

Is the Ohio River safe for boating?

Boating on the Ohio River can be safe, but it’s important to exercise caution and be aware of potential hazards. Factors like weather conditions, river currents, water levels, debris, and barge traffic can affect safety. Adhering to safety guidelines, being prepared, and staying informed about conditions are essential for safe boating on the Ohio River.

Can you take a boat from Ohio to Canada?

Yes, you can take a boat from Ohio to Canada by crossing Lake Erie. However, it’s important to note that crossing international borders by boat requires proper documentation and compliance with customs and immigration regulations of both countries. Check specific requirements and procedures for a smooth and legal journey.

How far can you boat on the Ohio River?

The Ohio River spans approximately 981 miles (1,579 kilometers) from its origin in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to its confluence with the Mississippi River near Cairo, Illinois. This makes it possible to boat along the entire length of the Ohio River, covering a considerable distance. However, it’s important to note that various factors such as speed limits, navigational restrictions, and personal boating capabilities may influence how far an individual can boat on the Ohio River. Additionally, it’s crucial to adhere to local regulations, be aware of water conditions, and plan accordingly for a safe and enjoyable boating experience.

What is the average cost of a river cruise?

The average cost of a river cruise can vary depending on several factors, including the destination, duration, cruise line, cabin category, and additional amenities. On average, prices can range from a few hundred dollars per person per day for budget-friendly options to several thousand dollars per person per day for luxury cruises.

Do cruise ships go through rivers?

Cruise ships are typically designed for oceanic travel and are not commonly used for navigating narrow or shallow rivers. However, there are exceptions. River cruise ships are specifically designed to navigate rivers and operate on smaller waterways, offering a different type of cruising experience focused on inland destinations.

Which side of the river cruise ship is best?

There is no definitive “best” side of a river cruise ship as both sides offer different perspectives throughout the journey. It often depends on the specific itinerary and the direction of the cruise. Passengers can enjoy scenic views from either side of the ship during the voyage.

What is the biggest river cruise ship?

The “Amadeus Imperial” operated by Lüftner Cruises is considered one of the largest river cruise ships. It accommodates up to 168 passengers and features various amenities, including spacious cabins, dining options, a wellness area, and a sun deck.

How much does a 1 week cruise cost?

The cost of a 1-week cruise can vary significantly depending on the cruise line, destination, cabin category, and additional amenities. On average, prices can range from a few hundred dollars per person for budget-friendly options to several thousand dollars per person for luxury cruises.

Is it worth getting a balcony on a river cruise?

Getting a balcony on a river cruise can be worth it for those who value privacy and panoramic views. Balconies offer a personal outdoor space to enjoy the scenery, relax, and take photos. However, it ultimately depends on personal preference, budget, and how much time is expected to be spent in the cabin.

Are there river cruises in the USA?

Yes, there are river cruises available in the United States. Some popular destinations for river cruises in the USA include the Mississippi River, Columbia and Snake Rivers, Ohio River, and Hudson River. These cruises offer opportunities to explore scenic landscapes and visit historic towns and cities along the rivers.

Why are U.S. river cruises so expensive?

U.S. river cruises can be relatively expensive due to several factors. These include smaller ship sizes, limited availability, higher operational costs, inclusion of excursions and amenities, as well as demand and pricing strategies. The costs associated with navigating U.S. waterways and meeting regulatory requirements also contribute to the overall pricing.

Do you need a passport for a river cruise?

The need for a passport on a river cruise depends on the specific itinerary. If the cruise crosses international borders or includes ports of call in different countries, a passport is typically required. It is advisable to check with the cruise operator and relevant authorities to determine the passport requirements for the specific river cruise itinerary.

What are common cruise prices?

Common cruise prices can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the cruise line, destination, duration, cabin category, and additional amenities. On average, prices can range from a few hundred dollars per person for shorter cruises to several thousand dollars per person for longer, more luxurious voyages. It’s important to research specific cruises, consult with travel agents or cruise operators, and consider any promotional offers or seasonal discounts that may be available to get a more accurate estimate of cruise prices.

What is the average price of a Viking river cruise?

The average price of a Viking river cruise can vary depending on the specific itinerary, duration, cabin category, and other factors. On average, prices for Viking river cruises range from approximately $2,000 to $8,000 per person. It’s advisable to consult with Viking or a travel agent for more precise pricing information based on your specific preferences and chosen itinerary.

Is a cruise price per person?

Yes, cruise prices are typically quoted per person. The advertised prices usually represent the cost per individual passenger based on double occupancy, meaning two people sharing a cabin. Solo travellers may incur additional fees or be eligible for special solo traveler rates depending on the cruise line and specific cruise.

How many days is a river cruise?

The duration of a river cruise can vary significantly depending on the specific itinerary and cruise operator. River cruises can range from a few days to several weeks in length. Some common durations for river cruises are 7 days, 10 days, or 14 days. It’s important to check the specific itinerary and cruise details to determine the exact duration of a river cruise.

Do you sleep on a river cruise?

Yes, on a river cruise, passengers have cabins or staterooms where they can sleep and rest. Similar to other types of cruises, river cruise ships are equipped with comfortable accommodations for passengers to have a place to sleep and relax during their journey. These cabins typically include beds, private bathrooms, storage space, and other amenities to ensure a comfortable stay onboard the ship.

What cabins to avoid on a cruise ship?

When choosing cabins on a cruise ship, it’s generally advisable to avoid cabins near high-traffic areas, such as elevators, stairwells, and public venues, to minimize noise disruptions. Additionally, cabins located directly above or below entertainment venues, bars, or engine rooms may also experience increased noise levels.


Which balcony is best on a cruise?

The best balcony on a cruise ship depends on personal preferences and the ship’s design. Balconies located midship and higher decks often offer better views and less motion. However, specific itinerary, scenery, and cabin location can influence balcony preferences. It’s best to research deck plans and consult with experts or experienced cruisers for guidance.

Boats Cruises


A special and fun way to appreciate the beauty of the Ohio River is through Ohio River Boats Cruises. There is enough for everyone to enjoy with a range of cruise options. From dinner cruises to scenery excursions. If you’re seeking an unforgettable time, Ohio River Boats Cruises will deliver. Whether you’re looking for a date night or a fun day with the family. You can expect to enjoy a memorable experience thanks to their skilled staff and stunning surroundings.

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